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"Customers and Developers Reciprocate each other, Coding and Modelling Reciprocate each other; Software Production essentially requires all including a real metrics to success:- 'Reciprocating'."
- Bilal Ahsan - Reciprocating is the metrics to success.
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"Lines of Code is not a measure of effort It is the measure of Tape Archives used in 1968 "
- Bilal Ahsan - Lines of Code
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"An Elegent and more thoughtfully designed function is compact and cryptic "
- Bilal Ahsan - Elegance
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"So who had invented the lines-of-code measuring metric? eighther financial or statistical mathematitians who write code, keep it, protect it and refuse to share "
- Bilal Ahsan
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"If your Boss can't say No to His Boss, Change the Job."
- Bilal Ahsan
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