Former Microsoft program manager

Everybody...has exactly the same job. They have exactly the same job description. And that is to ship products. Your job is not to write code. Your job is not to test. Your job is not to write specs. Your job is to ship products. That’s what a product development group does. “Your role as a developer or as a tester is secondary. I’m not saying it’s unimportant—it’s clearly not unimportant—but it’s secondary to your real job, which is to ship a product. “When you wake up in the morning and you come in to work, you say, "What is the focus—are we trying to ship or are we trying to write code?" The answer is, we are trying to ship. You’re not trying to write code, you’re trying not to write code.
- Chris Peters - Former Microsoft program manager Chris Peters describes the product mindset as applied to software development in the this excerpt from a 1991 presentation.
It’s extremely important to move responsibility very low in the organization. Your goal is not to be working on a project where you can’t sleep at night. Your goal isn’t to have it so that the project leads can’t sleep at night. Your goal is so that nobody sleeps at night. And when nobody is sleeping at night, you have pushed responsibility to the proper level.
- Chris Peters - in a 1991 presentation.