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"We try to solve the problem by rushing through the design process so that enough time is left at the end of the project to uncover the errors that were made because we rushed through the design process. "
- Glenford J. Myers, Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction by Steve C McConnell , ISBN: 1556154844 , Page: 143
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"If a project has not achieved a system architecture, including its rationale, the project should not proceed to full-scale system development. Specifying the architecture as a deliverable enables its use throughout the development and maintenance process."
- Barry Boehm

"Computing is becoming a utility -- we're past the gold rush days, and like any other 'utility' the name of the game is getting the reliability/quality up and the costs down. We need to make the entire development process more robust at less cost in order to compete and survive."
- Anonymous

"The psychological profile [of a programmer] is mostly the ability to shift levels of abstraction, from low level to high level. To see something in the small and to see something in the large. When you're writing a program, you're saying, "Add one to the counter," but you know why you're adding one to the counter. You can step back and see a picture of the way a process is moving. Computer scientists see things simultaneously at the low level and the high level. "
- Donald E. Knuth - From an interview in Dr. Dobb's Journal, April 1996.

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