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"Other than the fact Linux has a cool name, could someone explain why I should use Linux over BSD?
No. That's it. The cool name, that is. We worked very hard on creating a name that would appeal to the majority of people, and it certainly paid off: thousands of people are using linux just to be able to say "OS/2? Hah. I've got Linux. What a cool name". 386BSD made the mistake of putting a lot of numbers and weird abbreviations into the name, and is scaring away a lot"

- Linus Thorvalds
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"How I hated UNIX back in the seventies - that devilish accumulator of data trash, obscurer of function, enemy of the user! If anyone had told me back then that getting back to embarrassingly primitive UNIX would be the great hope and investment obsession of the year 2000, merely because it's name was changed to LINUX and its source code was opened up again, I never would have had the stomach or the heart to continue in computer science. "
- Jaron Lanier - From his essay 'One Half a Manifesto', published at www.edge.org.

"Real programmers don't comment their code. It was hard to write, it should be hard to understand. "
- Anonymous

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