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As the use of technology increases, social skills decreases.

- Tim Bryce
Welcome, fellow software developers from around the world. We have collected quotations that we hope will help promote better software development. If the reader is aware of others that deserve to be recognized here, we would appreciate your sending them to us.
It is true that software devlopment and programming can be fun. Insight and tips from other developers can be help us make better software.
We have tried to accurately credit all sources for the quotations we have used. If anyone can offer corrections or additional information, it will be appreciated. If any source objects to being quoted here, or if we have strayed into any copyrighted materials, our sincere apology - please advise us and, if you wish, your quotation will be removed.
Your help is needed to make this an interesting site. We intend to update this page monthly, so please check back from time to time. Thanks for your visit, and enjoy!

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